Why Advertise


Advertising rates for Coffee News are lower than other local print media options. Call us about our introductory rates See your ad every week or
an entire year for half the price of the hometown paper.


Coffee News® accepts only a single ad from each profession, trade, or service. Be the first to place an ad and block out your competition. Really lets you stand out! Makes you a favoured vendor… promoted by your publisher.


You can pick up a copy of Coffee News® three meals a day, seven days a week at locations in our local areas. A new edition arrives each week. Your ad is always on the
front or the back… never buried in the middle!

Readership… Local establishments are carrying the paper each week meaning a targeted local readership of 1000’s weekly for each of our weekly Editions

Some more great reasons to advertise in Coffee News of WNC!

REPETITION: Ads run for at least seventeen consecutive weeks… at a rate lower than spot advertising with other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Repetition and consistency bring results!

TARGET MARKET: If you want to target your local neighborhood market (as well as the tourists who visit), there’s no better way. It’s all about precision.

SIZE: Yes, it does matter. All ads are 3″ x 2″…  so no gigantic ad can crowd you out. We’re an equal opportunity publication!AD PLACEMENT: Ads are also rotated weekly to make sure all advertisers get a fair shake at equal exposure.

EDITS: You can make changes to your ad with a phone call or an email. And – unless you start over from scratch – there’s no charge.

REPUTATION: Coffee News® has a proven track record. Some advertisers remain on waiting lists for several years once they discover the kind of results Coffee News® can get them.

CAMPAIGNS: Coffee News® can be the perfect, hands-on complement to other marketing and advertising strategies.

THE POSITIVE VIBE: When potential Coffee News® customers see your ad, they’re already is a positive frame of mind… reading the good news.

EXPOSURE:  Your ad in Coffee News will be viewed by 1000’s of targeted readers Weekly. It is equivalent to passing out 1000’s of your business cards weekly.

OUR GUARANTEE: Your ad runs correctly… or your ad runs free!